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Jungle Juice Company

Jungle Juice Company, in Hope BC!
Jungle Juice Company
259A Wallace Street
Hope BC, Canada
(604) 869-3363


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    J U N G L E    J U I C E S

    12oz… $4.50    16oz… $5.50

    EASY AS A.B.C.:  apple, beet & carrot
     apple, pear, pineapple, ginger, honey
    REVITALIZER:  pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, apple
    carrot, radish, apple, celery, tomato, garlic, jalapeno
    carrot, apple, orange, ginger
    carrot, garlic clove, celery, lemon, honey
    orange, grapefruit, lemon
    orange, grapefruit, lime, multi-vitamin
     cucumber, carrot, pineapple, lime, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper
    kiwis, strawberry, apple
    carrot, beet, garlic, wheatgrass
    carrot, celery, bell pepper, parsley
    carrot, apple, lemon, ginger, garlic

    F R E S H  S Q U E E Z E D  J U I C E
    12oz… $4.50   16oz… $5.50   1 litre… $9.50

    carrot, apple, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, watermelon, carrot / apple, orange / carrot 

    J U N G L E   S M O O T H I E S

    12oz…$5.00   20oz…$7.00

    LOVE POTION #1-banana, avocado, date, honey, cayenne, raw chocolate, maca—w/hemp, nut or seed milk.

    MERRY MONKEY-banana, almond butter, agave, cinnamon, almond milk.

    PEACHES AND CREAM-peach, banana, vanilla, almond milk, agave, cinnamon.

    BERRY BLAST-cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, apple cider.

    BASK IN THE GLOW-apple cider, banana, date, cranberry, raspberry.

    DEEP BLUE DREAM-orange juice, banana, date, blueberry.

    ENERGIZER-carrot juice, banana, date, raspberry.

    PINK VELVET-apple cider, banana, date, strawberry.

    MANGO MOON-apple cider, date, banana, mango.

    FEELIN’ BREEZY-apple cider, banana, pineapple, coconut.

    EYE OPENER-orange juice, banana, date, grapefruit, cranberry.

    STRAWBARB PIE-almond milk, strawberry, rhubarb.

    CAFE CHILL-Organo Cafe Noir (enriched w/ The King of Herbs), banana, vanilla, almond milk.

    CHOCO CHILL-Organo Chocolate (enriched w/ The King of Herbs), banana, almond milk.

    S U P E R   G R E E N   S M O O T H I E S

    RAZZMATAZ-apple cider, avacado, raspberry, banana, spinach.

    GREEN POWER-apple cider, banana, pear, raspberry, ginger, kale.

    12oz…$7.00  20oz…$8.00

    GIVE ME GREENS-almond milk, banana, vanilla, nutmeg, ENEREX greens.

    SWEET GREENS-banana, blueberry, apple cider, ENEREX greens.

    Wheatgrass Explosion 8oz…$4.75 One ounce of wheatgrass blended with apples or carrots or a combo of both.

    Kamut/Wheatgrass- 1oz…$2.50     2oz…$4.00

    S U P E R F O O D S

    Hemp Protein…$1.25   Maca…$1.50   Hemp Oil…$1.25

    Multi-Vitamin…$1.25  Matcha…$1.25 Acai…$1.50

    Flax…$0.75  Chia…$0.75 Tocotrienols…$1.00

    Raw Chocolate Powder…$1.50 Maqui Berry…$2.00

    ENEREX Greens…$1.50             VEGA…$2.00

    Nut/Seed Milks      12oz.

    Sweet Sesame Milk-banana, vanilla, honey.    $5.00

    Spicy Sesame Magic-date, Merlin’s Elixir.        $5.75

    Sunny Sunflower Milk-banana, date, vanilla    $5.50

    Almond Milk-date, vanilla.                            $5.50

    Strawberry Almond Milk-strawberry, date, vanilla $5.50

    Coconut Milk                                                         $5.50

    Brazil Nut Milk-date, banana, vanilla              $6.00

    Hemp Milk-date, vanilla                               $6.00

    Add Raw Chocolate to any milk   $1.00

    Young Coconut-$3.50

    J U N G L E   B I T E S        Made fresh to order

    Small…$7.00     Large…$11.00

    Strawberry Spinach-strawberry, almond with sweet poppy seed dressing. This salad is so sweet, you’ll want it for dessert!

    Kale Caesar-lemon rubbed kale mixed with romaine, hemp hearts, and raw/almond croutons. A bit of a twist on the traditional caesar!

    Jungle Greens-organic greens, tomato, cucumber, herbs, carrot, beet radish, hemp hearts, pumpkin seeds, and raisins. Everything but the kitchen sink!

    Kale Chips-Lovingly rubbed with olive oil, lemon, and raw spicy cashew butter, then gently dehydrated for maximum enzymatic goodness! Clamshell…$5.00

    Fresh Salsa…$5.50 Fresh Guacamole…$5.50

    Salsa and Guacamole served with Que Pasa Tortilla Chips.

    Raw tortilla chips are available for an extra $2.50

    Chocolate Fondue…$9.00 fruit until the chocolate runs out!

    Raw Power Bar…$3.00 Made with organic nuts and seeds, fruit, maca and nothing else!! no gluten or sugar.

    C O F F E E   and   T E A

    Organo Latte…$2.25  Organo Mocha…$2.50

    Organo Hot Chocolate…$2.50   Organo Coffee Noir…$2.25

    Organo Green Tea…$2.25     Holy basil Tea…$2.25

    Merlin’s Elixir…$3.00

    Organo Gold products are enriched with “The King of Herbs

    All teas are sold by the pot unless otherwise requested.


    Allergy alert-some of our products contain nuts or seeds. All nuts and seeds are certified organic.

    All supplements are raw, vegan friendly, and come from reputable sources.

    Our products do not contain soy or dairy.

    All produce comes from the best possible sources avalable and according to season.

    All foods are made fresh as ordered.